The Proposal of Ambrogio Chef



Greetings from the kitchen
New zucchini in bloom stuffed with ricotta
and cream of sweet peppers in EVO oil
Taglierini with green asparagus and black summer truffle
Rhombus f the Atlantic,
chanterelles, nectarine peaches and smell of sage
Roast pigeon of Vercelli
Apple balsamic sauce
cabbage and roast potatoes
Small selection of cheeses
Pan Tramvai and mustard
Cherries of Vignola al Brachetto
and fiordilatte ice cream
Price of the menu Fr. 75.00
drinks not included
The menu is subject to change based on the seasons
and arrivals of the daily ticket.
The dishes offered may contain allergens and gluten,
upon request, our collaborators will be happy to provide the necessary information.
The restaurant proposes a business lunch from Tuesday to Friday
which includes an appetizer, a main dish,
a second and a dessert or the cheese.
Everything always with fresh market products.
THE LUNCH OF THE OSTE: salad, first or second from the menu, water and coffee Fr. 30.00
Dish of the day in Fr. 28.-
Dish of the day and dessert at Fr. 33.-
Two dishes without dessert at Fr. 38.-
Two dishes with dessert at Fr. 42.-
Menu without dessert at Fr. 46.-
Full menu 3 courses and dessert at Fr. 52.-

Hospitality and helpfulness


Do not hesitate to contact us for reservations and more information. We will be happy to satisfy all your requirements.